Monday, 16 March 2009

Percussion for Orpheus and Eurydike

The Orpheus und Eurydike project by Chronique de notre vie has been idle since 2006 - until last week! After years with the percussion of Philipp Haagen's (still unfinished) "chamber opera" being merely hinted at by undignified MIDI sounds, Philipp and I now recorded Stuttgart-based drummer Bernd Settelmeyer. See and hear how he drives himself to delirium:

Thus, the following pieces are done:
On Hirtenlied, a wealth of latin shakers can be heard, and Bernd is taking a solo with cymbals lying on the floor (if not done yet: look at the video embedded above). Moreover there is Caxici, Becken, Cajon und Dholak. Orpheus is now enriched by a log drum which reminds me on Tom Waits. On Lasciate ogni speranza, Bernd celebrates some marching band party using the bass drum and a crash cymbal, whilst Eurydike is performed with a soft cymbal and a snare drum played with bare hands. Oh yes, in addition Bernd excels on the waterphone; I definitely beg your pardon for we did not take any photographs of this bizarre entity producing even more bizarre sounds. It is a vessel half-filled with water an equipped with thick wire tentacles, engaged by a double bass bow.

Philipp Fritz