Monday, 15 June 2009

Sibelius 6 Update #1

The most recent update of the notation software Sibelius to version 6 yields, by integrating ReWire, a workflow enhancement I have been really waiting for. ReWire is, so to say, a virtual audio cable between two programs. The audio output of Sibelius is sent to a DAW (digital audio workstation) like Apple Logic. Thus I don’t have to save the notes written and more or less agreeably MIDI-listened to in Sibelius, import them into Logic and then supply them with Logic sounds, only to use this as playback for substituting one track after the other by recordings. Instead, Sibelius and Logic now playback in sync.

Thereby not only a tiresome and, regarding music, totally superfluent working step is now obsolete, but also its repetition in the case of an alteration of the notes. Until now one had the choice to apply changes directly to MIDI in Logic and repeat the same changes in Sibelius, or to make the change in Sibelius and repeat the save import process. Now, a „work in progress“ workflow is possible where notes are altered in Sibelius and audio material is edited in Logic constantly without the need to double-perform the respective steps.

What is still missing is the same channel-wise as audio or MIDI. This means, not only the sum of Sibelius’ audio signal reaches Logic, but rather every single instrument, be it as audio or as MIDI. The audio signals could then be edited track by track with Logic’s effects. But much more important, the channel-wise transmission of MIDI data would make it possible to provide each instrument with a Logic software instrument as if the MIDI data were from Logic itself. This is up to now only possible in a quite tedious manner with Apple OS X IAC busses. Were it possible by ReWire, then Sibelius could quasi be used as Logic’s score editor. The two of these programs then were an integrated workstation.

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